The consultation session offers personalised, guiding, and informative counselling. I welcome you either in person, at my office, or online, where we create an atmosphere that allows you to feel relaxed and secure.

Throughout the session there is no physical contact, tuning into the energies takes place without it. It’s important to note that openness to spirituality is not necessary for the consultation, and even if you’re sceptical about such practices, it doesn’t hinder the process in any way.

The questions you have formulated serve as the foundation and starting point for our session. But it may be that you wish to see me without any questions following an inner call. In this case I will channel the information you currently need for your development.

During our personal conversation, we tune in to you, enabling us to gain insight into your unique destiny codes, life purposes, rhythms, and presences. We discover who you are inherently and uncover the tasks and experiences that your soul is meant to undertake.
The primary goal of the channelling session is to promote growth by gaining understanding and resolving the difficulties, issues, and obstacles that arise within you and in different areas of your life. Through this process, you can gain insights into your inner mechanisms and the interdependencies that shape your inner and outer world. We examine where adjustments are needed within you to foster progress and advancement in your current situation, leading to change and improvement in your emotional and physical well-being.
In addition to the questions you ask you may also receive information that is currently relevant to you or that sheds light on insights that you may not have seen clearly before.

I can support your growth and journey by exploring the following topics.


where information related to the future, the past, and global transformations can be accessed. These may be guidances that are necessary for your development and understanding.


emerge, which present new opportunities for your presence. You will discover the ideas and decisions that will help you find the right path from your current situation.


thoughts can also be accessed, which disrupt and sabotage your progress, growth, self-healing, and self-improvement.
Every piece of channelled information is constructive, guiding, and corrective in nature. It brings reassurance, strength, and understanding, calling your attention to create new opportunities.
It may be the case that certain pieces of information could influence your mind, emotions, and decisions in a way that would hinder the necessary experiences for your ongoing development. Therefore, there may be questions for which we cannot yet receive answers or guidance.



Addressing health, relationships, social life, family, career, financial situation, parenthood, future plans and ambitions, challenging situations, decision-making, conflicts, traumas and more…


Exploring your self-esteem, self-identity, belief system, ingrained patterns, hereditary and learned behaviours, complexes, fears, inhibitions, anxieties, compulsions, dependencies, emotional imbalances, and more..


Discover who you are inherently, where you came from and what tasks, knowledge, and abilities you have brought with you to Earth. How can you revitalise yourself through your own efforts? What experiences and adjustments do you need to reach your intrinsic power that enables your true self to manifest in this space?
During the consultation, I am open to any questions and topics that interest you within the mentioned framework.

If it is difficult to decide what you would like to ask or if you simply need inspiration, here are some questions that may help you.

Example questions:

•  I feel stuck in my life, and I need guidance on which way to go next.

•  What is the root cause of my lack of self-confidence, and how can I change it?

•  How can I improve the quality of my relationship?

•  I’m facing financial difficulties, how can I make a change in this situation?

•  How can I overcome my indecisiveness?

•  What is the underlying cause of my health issue, and what steps can I take to address it?

•  What factors contribute to my lack of success, and how can I overcome them?

•  What information do I currently need for my personal development?

•  What am I currently not noticing and need to be aware of?

•  How can I improve my stagnant relationship, or do I need to move on?

•  How can I cultivate a stronger and more harmonious bond with my family or children?

•  What is the cause behind my challenges with fertility?

•  In which areas do I need to make changes for the progress of my business or career?

•  What causes my excessive anger/fear/anxiety/sadness/yearning…?

•  Where does this unhealthy behavioural pattern of mine originate from, and how can I change it?

•  What triggered this conflict, and what can I learn from it about myself?

•  Why does this recurring pattern appear in my relationships?

•  What fixations or limiting beliefs are impeding my progress in different areas of my life?

The consultation will provide informative insights about you. Due to ethical reasons, I do not provide information about individuals who are not present. An exception may be made for close relatives, given that it does not violate the individual’s right to privacy.

Information regarding time is received in the forms of periods and intervals. The realisation of certain events are tied to milestones of your personal development. Thus, the duration of these periods can be extended or shortened.

There are factors that can alter the future. It may also change depending on how your emotions evolve or how you engage with your decision-making opportunities.

I am not authorised to channel information from departed souls.


30-minute session:

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60-minute session:

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