Channeled by Enikő Szántó
Each meditation is tailored to the participants, offering unique energies and opportunities. The content and characteristics of the mediations are determined by the adjustments, renewals, or assistance that is required at the moment the meditation.
Since these meditations are delivered through live channelling, each session is unique and unrepeatable.

Where do these meditations come from?

These meditations originate from the pure, living realms of higher intelligence. From these realms springs Life itself, the nurturing and creative energy system that sustains every organic tissue.

Why ‘live’

The energies received during the meditation connect to the heart’s system within 24 hours and identify the necessary corrective steps for the individual. These steps will manifest in the form of new opportunities in daily life, fostering personal growth, healing and an enhanced quality of life.

Anyone can participate in the meditations, whether online or in person (Leányfalu, Hungary); these are open and free sessions.

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