Source-Code® Academy

Level 1: Foundation

In the Level 1 sessions you will engage in a multifaceted personal developmental process that will address various aspects of your physical, emotional, intellectual, and soul-level functioning. The methodology at the core of this approach is grounded in the idea that the steps and processes for human development should not be guided by the ego or the human self, but rather by the individual’s highest intelligence, or in other word, their Source. Therefore, from the very first session, participants individually connect directly to their own Source, which is the most evolved and distortion-free level of their consciousness.

During the first session, a connection is established between you and your Source. This enables you to engage in a dialogue with your Higher Self and write down their messages.

By mastering this ability, the need for external methods, tools, and teachings diminishes because the individual receives all necessary information, opportunities, and assistance from their own Source based on their original life purpose.

To achieve this, it is necessary for the connection to take place, and for you to learn:

  • How to be a clear channel?
  • How to prevent your desires, fears, and other human factors from distorting the messages?
  • How to integrate the communication with your Higher Self into your daily life?

During these sessions, participants acquire these skills and start an interactive communication with their Source through writing.

With practice, this communication can also be sustained mentally, without the need for physical writing.

Level 1 sessions along with each participant’s connection to their Source, provide profound and comprehensive self-discovery and personal developing experiences and knowledge. These experiences provide valuable insights into one’s internal processes, help overcome obstacles, and offer a clear view of their true self.

To thrive in various aspects of life and to cultivate clear channelling abilities, it is essential to develop one’s human self alongside nurturing their connection with their Source. Consequently, within these sessions the development of the human self and the integration of the Higher Self take place simultaneously.


Human Self

In this section, you gain insight into the following self-discovery factors:

    • the effects of your socialisation,
    • your biological predisposing factors,
    • the influence of collective consciousness on your individual functioning,
      elements, algorithms, and belief systems that construct your ego structure.

Higher Self

By channelling your own Source you write down the following information:

    • the stories of your previous lives,
    • your hidden subconscious recollections,
    • your self-sabotaging programs and mechanisms,
    • your true origin, your life’s purpose, innate abilities and knowledge.
These insights shed light on your pure, innate nature and attributes aligned with your soul. By integrating them, you can experience your true self for the first time. This clarity allows you to evaluate and adapt your present circumstances, enabling you to take tangible actions toward fulfilling your life’s purpose.
The Source-Code method is independent from all other spiritual or self-improvement techniques and ideologies. Within this approach, regardless of your past experiences, all individuals start their journey on equal footing, and the speed of progress is solely determined by your level of dedication.

What’s necessary to get started with Level 1?

alapszint Forrás-Kód

an open mind
for new theories
and approaches.

Let go of
preconceived notions and widely-accepted knowledge.

a singular focus
on your personal development.

By the end of Level 1, what can you expect?



You confidently establish interactive communication with your Higher Self and other advanced intelligences that assist you through writing.


You exclude your own mind from your communication channel, allowing for clear information reception.


You correctly interpret and apply instructions received from your Higher Self in practice.


You participate in continuous self-improvement through writing.

You acquire new self-reflective skills, and you interpret yourself from a deeper, more complex perspective.
You can differentiate between false and true intuitions, emotions and thoughts.

You achieve a deep understanding of the conditions surrounding you, effectively address your challenges, and navigate your human relationships with clarity.


You can confidently make decisions and understand what is important.


Your nervous system
and emotional state stabilise.

Course Structure

Source-Code Level 1 consists of a total of 7 sessions.
Each session includes theory, meditation, and practical exercises.
In some sessions you will receive personal,
channelled information to facilitate your progress.

Source-Code Level 1 dates: Coming soon…

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